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Why Workshops Work

Workshops are an excellent way to take client relationships to the next level!

If done effectively, workshops can be engaging, enlightening, informational, collaborative, rewarding, and much more.

They create a safe space for advisors and clients to be forthcoming about their issues and opportunities. And workshops often lead to follow-up work which is beneficial to all parties.

Imagine the scene where advisors and clients gather together to share thoughts and ideas on a given topic. Everyone introduces themselves before rolling up their sleeves to discuss issues, options, and solutions. There’s no presentation or pre-determined script. On the contrary, everyone feels empowered to contribute to the proceedings as the discussion progresses. Even the more discreet participants are encouraged to open up and speak their minds. And whilst all this is going on a facilitator takes notes for all to see.

The key actions and next steps are summarized and agreed before allocating roles and responsibilities.

Everyone leaves the room feeling part of a team with a new sense of purpose … Its no surprise that successful partners are constantly looking for opportunities to organize client workshops!


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