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Introduce Yourself with Distinction!

How can successful Partners leave a positive impression when introducing themselves?

Next time you’re in a meeting you might like to observe the dynamics around the table when people introduce themselves.

Most people will say a few words about themselves. Their experience and perhaps what they bring to the table. Others will try to bond with the client by thanking the client, or speaking about common experiences or common acquaintances. Still others will launch into a long-winded monologue of their life story or the salient points of the subject they came to pitch.

However, you’ll probably also notice that most people are only half listening to everyone else’s introductions. Most are too busy thinking about their own introduction. What they’re about to say … or what they’ve just said themselves.

So how can successful Partners leave a positive impression when they introduce themselves?

Since “Distinction needs no introduction”, this is one area where less is definitely more.

When everyone else around the table is talking too much and being forgettable, successful Partners leave a positive impression by simply sticking to their name and function.

Try it … And enjoy the fruits of the positive impression you make!


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