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21 - The 24 hour response rule cuts both ways !

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

In today’s fast paced world advisors are under constant pressure to revert on client requests as quickly as possible.

It’s no wonder that so many Professional Service Firms have introduced the 24 hour response rule.

However, the 24 hour response rule shouldn’t be interpreted as a license to clean out your in-box with quick responses without giving due consideration to the issues raised. This is when mistakes happen!

Indeed, people often think they’re doing their clients a favor by responding quickly to client requests ... particularly if they’re not charging. However, quick responses often backfire!

If a client is asking a question that appears simple, it's very possible that there’s something more to the question than first meets the eye. In this situation, a quick knee-jerk response would be inappropriate. It would leave your client thinking you don’t care or perhaps even that you’re incompetent. Ether way, trust is eroded.

Much better to use the 24 hour response rule to simply acknowledge receipt of the request and provide a time-frame to revert with your advice.

If you think your client needs your input sooner … pick up the phone. Talk it over!



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