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9 - The Most Important Word !

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Its all in a name! ... By far the most important word in any situation is your client’s name!

Whether were talking about a conversation, an email, a presentation, a proposal, or any other medium of communication, great client service advisors pay particular attention to their Client’s name.

If you don’t care enough to get your client’s name right … how can you be trusted to get anything else right?

This is not rocket science. But it’s so surprising how many of us consistently get this wrong.

- A company name is misspelled on the first slide of the presentation!

- A competitors name appears in a presentation!

- The wrong persons name is used at the top of a letter or email!

- The wrong gender prefix is used in correspondence!

- An advisor forgets the client’s name when making introductions!

If you’re trying to show you care about a client … Show you care!



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