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10 - The "Why" of Client Meetings !

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

When a potential client finally agrees to take a meeting, why is it that so many advisors loose sight of the reason they wanted the meeting in the first place?

If meetings are going to be productive for both parties they'd better be more than about building relationships, demonstrating expertise, or learning about the clients’ business.

Whilst all these are important, if there’s no clear purpose to your meeting you’re just going to be clutching at straws! … you might as well not bother having the meeting at all!

Successful client service advisors recognize that the key purpose of any client meeting is to agree on “Next Steps”.

Once you’ve worked out your most impactful “Next Steps”, it becomes much easier to work backwards and lead the meeting along the path of least resistance.

Much better to focus on clearly defined “Next Steps” than go into the meeting to shake the proverbial tree hoping some fruit falls in your direction!



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