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16 - What's your Personal Brand?

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

We all know that clients compare and contrast the people they work with.

So why is it that so many service providers fall into the “various shades of grey” category?

If advisors are going to make an impact with their clients they have to decide how they want to be perceived by the client first … which has a lot to do about branding.

Service providers can’t simply rely on their firms brand. That will usually only get them in the door. In order to secure the deal they need to work on their own personal brand.

Do they want to be perceived as the experts in their field? In which case they have to focus on standing out from the crowd by building credibility. For this they need to understand what their competition is doing and then do something different.

Otherwise, do they want to be perceived as a trusted advisor? In which case they have to focus on spending time building trust with client. Very few service providers do this well since it requires a considerable investment. But when an Advisor breaks through, the rewards are considerably more!

Whatever their intentions, successful service providers know how to build their personal brand until they stand out from the crowd with confidence!



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