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20 - What about your Clients' Objectives?

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Professional service firms seem to spend an awful lot of time discussing their objectives for the year.

But what about their clients’ objectives?

Its surprising how many service providers march into client meetings to sell a solution without taking the trouble to understand what their client is focused on.

Successful Advisors spend as much time focused on their clients’ objectives as they do their own.

There seems to be two ways to learn about client objectives:

1. Help shape their KPI’s;

2. Ask !

And, if you are going to ask, please make sure you ask how far advanced they are with their objectives. You don’t want to be the one pitching a roadmap when the train has already left the station!

This doesn’t mean that Advisors always have to be aligned with their clients’ objectives. But it does mean they should know how their service offering fits into their clients’ broader agenda!



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