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18 - Dream Big .. Start Small!

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

If all clients aspire to business excellence, why do so many service providers have trouble helping their clients transition from idea to implementation?

Most clients are acutely aware of what good looks like. They are constantly visited by subject matter experts with presentations and thought leadership on the latest benchmarking or best practice.

However, most experts spend so much time on the end game, they forget to focus on where the client is today and how they can get to where they want to go. They leave their clients feeling overwhelmed and confused about how to get started.

Successful Advisors manage to articulate the three key components of any client project as early as possible:

A. Present situation;

B. Future state;

C. Journey from present to future.

Whilst simple in concept, its surprising how many service providers focus on their future state solution rather than try to understand where they are today and how they can achieve the desired results in manageable steps.

The sooner the Advisor gets all three components of the project on the table, the more likely the idea will be take on board and implemented.


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