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22 - Difficult Client Conversations cannot be Delegated !

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Client Service Partners understand that generating business is only possible where they have client relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

So why is it that so many partners delegate their uncomfortable client conversations to managers or sometimes even to their executive assistants?

Partners know intuitively what constitutes an uncomfortable conversation:

- Invitations to events, conferences, workshops, or meetings;

- Managing expectations on key deliverables;

- Informing clients about issues, mistakes, delays, or bad news;

- Resolving issues about client service or amounts charged.

All these can be difficult conversations. They can be challenging for the most seasoned of Partners.

However, if done correctly, difficult client conversations are ideal opportunities to significantly enhance client relationships. They can very well become milestones in the journey to building the kind of mutual trust and respect which leads to fruitful long term client success.

If difficult client conversations can have such a positive impact on client relationships, why would anyone leave them in less experienced hands?



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