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7 - Bonding with Clients

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Successful Client Service Partners know how to bond with their Clients!

They seek opportunities to connect with their Clients by keeping abreast of the latest developments in the lives of their clients, their company, and their industry.

Simple in concept, but surprising how few get this right! Its not as if the tools to gain this knowledge are lacking. LinkedIn and other social media platforms can provide an enormous amount of insight. Setting Google Alerts to feed you with regular client updates is another easy source of information.

However, its what you do with this information that makes all the difference.

- Do you care enough to pick up the phone and congratulate the client on her latest achievement?

- Do you care enough to send an email to show interest in the latest company press release ?

- Do you care enough to send a quick message informing the client about a new development ahead of the news cycle?

It’s only when you take the time to know and care about your Client that you’ll be accepted into their inner circle of trust !



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