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6 - Don't Paint Yourself into a Corner !

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Successful client Advisors recognize that the world is not black or white! … There’s always a bigger picture!

Whilst experienced Advisors thrive on discussing different scenarios with clients, Subject Matter Experts often believe they have to have all the answers.So they often paint themselves into a corner by taking a position without considering all the angles.

They may be blindsided by key information previously unavailable. There may be issues outside their area of expertise which were not considered. And, lets be honest, experts have also been known to be simply wrong!

Whatever the reason, their behavior in the moments that follow can make or break a client relationship.

If you paint yourself into a corner, don’t let ego or pride damage your credibility. And please don’t try to explain why you made the mistake in the first place. Nobody cares!

Instead, show some integrity. Take the high road. Acknowledge the mistake and move on …. Your client will love you for it!



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