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4 - The Client Service Dilemma

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Client Service professionals are often conflicted between their role as Advisor and their role as the Expert.

Advisors focus on the needs of their clients, whereas Experts focus on finding a need for their expertise!

Any firm with a client centric agenda favors the role of the Advisor to cultivate strategic long term client relationships. However, this often conflicts with immediate financial gains from pursuing the Expert role.

Successful partners understand that both roles are essential. They have a deep subject matter expertise and are recognized for adding value in their area of expertise. This feeds their timesheet and p&l.

They also have a select few key clients where they use their strategic business acumen and are recognised for bringing in business for others.

However, credibility with clients is key! Advisors can’t keep pushing their own expertise onto their strategic clients. Similarly, Experts can’t pull off the Advisor role after having spent too much time focusing on their own are of expertise!



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