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3 - Advisor or Expert Today ?

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

- Why do our clients buy our services?

- How much of an impact are we having on our clients?

- What do our clients value most?

Whilst the answers to these questions depend on a myriad of factors, the success or failure of client service partners often depends on whether they position themselves as an Advisor, an Expert, or both.

1. The Advisor

These are the true client centric advisors who have the needs of their clients front and center, rather than their own expertise. They develop strategic long-term relationships based on doing the right thing, rather than having a tactical focus on their own p&l.

2. The Expert

These are subject matter experts who typically focus on selling their own area of expertise. They develop tactical relationships based on excelling in a specific task, rather than considering the bigger picture.

Since the Advisor and Expert roles are very different value propositions with very different economic implications, the successful client service partner is adept at switching between the two roles to adapt to different client situations!



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