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14 - How to Advise in Uncertain Times

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Advisors are expected to have an eye on the future.

Their clients rely on them to keep their finger on the pulse and provide them with ample warning about whatever’s coming their way.

However, we live in uncertain times! And advisors don’t have crystal balls. They simply can’t be expected to see things that don’t yet exist. And they certainly can’t be expected to have all the answers.

So how do Advisors steer their clients when they don’t know what’s coming around the corner themselves?

One sure way is to make sure their clients live by their values and do the right thing! … They steer them away from the temptation to cut corners, make short term decisions, or take risky positions.

By taking the high road and doing the right thing, companies provide themselves with a solid foundation which allows them to tackle just about anything that’s thrown at them down the line!



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